Who we serve

Health Systems

Implement a scalable and accessible technology platform to address social isolation and other critical social determinants of health. Our approach facilitates meaningful connections to develop trust and engagement, reduce social isolation and loneliness, and improve care and resource navigation.

People talking in a pharmacy.

Determined Health offers:

  • Administrator licenses to HIPAA compliant software as a service platform.
  • Secure calling, on-demand data analytics, and real-time administrator view into calling activity.
  • Engagement and training of callers.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end design, implementation, and management of social connectivity initiative.
  • Ongoing management of CBOs and volunteers.
  • Co-design and execution of evaluation.

Determined Health works with health systems to design initiatives to address social isolation and loneliness that meet the needs of their patients.

  • Improve patient / caregiver navigation and engagement.
  • Enable SDOH strategy.
  • Catalyze health equity initiatives.
  • Extend workforce and reduce burnout.
  • Improve patient retention and satisfaction.
  • Drive revenue (workforce efficiency and optimization of utilization).
  • Support clinical teams with data to drive person centered care.
  • Facilitate partnerships with trusted CBOs, leveraging, coordinating, and amplifying service offerings.
  • Track engagement and accurately measure impact.
  • Expand access to structured data to support predictive modeling.

Health systems working with Determined Health have consistently high Net Promoter Scores among patients and staff for their social connectivity programs

“As a health system committed to addressing social determinants of health,  Determined Health’s software platform seamlessly supports our operational needs, and has catalyzed meaningful impact on the lives of our patients and community.” —Health System Administrator