Creating Meaningful Connections for the Best Possible Care

Working with organizations nationwide to address social isolation and other critical determinants of health and wellbeing through Connection1st.

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Creating meaningful connections for the best possible care

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Easy to use platform facilitates meaningful connection

Determined Health's Connection1ˢᵗ approach addresses social determinants of health by building meaningful connections.

We have a vision for a new approach to living and aging well—one that puts human connection front and center. It’s built around the idea that people are the missing link, and relationships and trust are key ingredients for effective care.

Care is broken and the scope of the problem can feel overwhelming, but there are meaningful steps we can take to lay the foundation for change—and evidence shows that addressing loneliness is the best place to start.

Effective solutions that increase social connectivity—a critical determinant of health and well-being, and a fundamental human need—improve outcomes across the board.

Building upon our experience helping programs across the country combat social isolation and loneliness, we’ve developed an end-to-end solution that enables countless individuals and organizations to mobilize to create meaningful social connections—the bedrock of good health and well-being.

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Ongoing touchpoints build relationships, empathy, and trust

Investing in meaningful connection yields trust; opening the pathway to true engagement.

Too often, we’re leaving out the things that matter most—often referred to as the social determinants of health. These factors, including economic stability and food security, drive upwards of 80% of health outcomes. These are the things that shape our everyday lives, and they’re also the things that shape population health. Our approach to care shifts the focus to social determinants of health first. It all begins with our Connection1st platform, which reduces social isolation through regular conversations and outreach.

From there, we can provide much-needed services, catch health concerns before it’s too late, and vastly improve quality of life and mental and physical health outcomes. 

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Connection and trust drive the type of engagement needed to improve health and well-being

Connection + Trust = Engagement

Our user-friendly, accessible, and scalable system drives engagement across difficult to reach, high-risk, high-need populations.

Facilitating safe and secure connections between friendly callers (volunteers, community health workers, other staff) and isolated call recipients, we help organizations easily build robust social call programs with high engagement. Providing a platform to enhance impact and measure success with real-time analytics, we help care providers gather essential data about their patients’ life experiences and challenges, so they can provide personalized solutions.

Our Solution

Our social connectivity solution effectively reduces social isolation and loneliness, offering a scalable platform for increased connectivity. Determined Health makes the benefits of a cutting-edge digital engagement network available through any telephone.

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Secure ongoing connections, building meaningful relationships and trust

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Social call programs - connect to reduce social isolation

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Engagement with broad accessibility and real-time analytics

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It is more important than ever that we rethink and harness the power of relationships and recognize that they are not just nice to have, but that they are necessary to have.

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy