Who we serve

Community Based Organizations

Implement a scalable social connection program using an accessible technology platform, expert implementation service, and ongoing support. Our approach facilitates meaningful connections to develop trust and engagement, reduce social isolation and loneliness, and improve care and resource navigation.

A woman assisting a senior man climbing the staircase.

Determined Health offers:

  • Administrator licenses to software as a service platform.
  • Secure calling, on-demand data analytics, and real-time administrator view into calling activity.
  • Engagement and training for callers on effective social calls.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end design, implementation, and management of social connectivity initiative.
  • Ongoing management of volunteers.
  • Co-design and execution of evaluation.

Determined Health works with community based organizations to design specific initiatives to address social isolation and loneliness that meet the needs of their community.

  • Scale / manage social call programs.
  • Expand reach and impact of services.
  • Track engagement and accurately measure impact.
  • Support and extend workforce.
  • Enable and enhance partnerships.
  • Expand access to structured data.
  • Facilitate partnerships with leveraging, coordinating, and amplifying service offerings.

Determined Health started as an initiative within a community based organization and we remain committed to ensuring our platform and services meet community needs and are affordable to a wide range of organizations.

“The whole experience has been seamless. It really is as easy as '1, 2 , 3,'  and our program is live, making a difference” —Program Administrator